SmartPATH - Automatic Toolpath Optimization

SmartPATH generates safe and efficent toolpaths

ICAM SmartPATH is unique software designed to dynamically and automatically optimize machine tool motions and positions based on standard toolpaths generated by CAD / CAM systems.
SmartPATH automatically generates safe and minimized non-cutting motions within the machine working envelope and ignores non-optimized unsafe positioning motions generated by CAM systems and instead automatically replaces them with minimized safe motions based on the machine tool kinematics, physical travel limitations and axes positioning rates.
SmartPATH ensures the generated multi-axis motions do not cause collisions with dynamically changing in-process stock and all other surroundings such as the fixtures and moving / non-moving components of the machine. It does not require clearance planes or geometric safety zones to be defined by the NC programmer. SmartPATH automatically finds the optimal path to move the tool from one pose to another, respecting the specific machine kinematics, travel limits and physical constraints. This enables NC programmers to easily and safely move a part program developed for one CNC machine to another, by simply reposting the program.

Benefit Highlights

• Reduces manufacturing cycle time by eliminating the process of trial and error to adjust and verify multi-axis positioning motions in the CAM environment and minimizing the unproductive time of the positioning operation.
• Ensures safe multi-axis positioning paths, which are collision-free based on the actual machine tool kinematics, dynamically changing in-process stock, workpiece, fixtures and machining environment.
• Maximizes part accessibility by taking full advantage of the machine's work envelope. As a result, parts having a large size with respect to the machine work envelope can be accomodated, with no violation of the machine joints' limit, even during multi-axis positioning motions.
• Makes it possible to quickly and easily move a part program from one CNC machine with a specific machine kinematics to another with completely different kinematics. This can be done at the shop floor as scheduling needs and CNC availability dictates.


• Automatic planning for non-cutting and positioning motions that generate optimal collision-free paths while minimizing non-cutting time and respecting machine kinematics and travel limits.
• Supports controller tool-tip programming (TCP) and coordinate frames (LCS).
• Supports positioning between controller canned cycles.
• Does not require clearance planes or geometric safety zones to be defined.


• Cam-Post V20 Dedicated Post-Processor and Virtual Machine V20 Dedicated VM products.
• Optionally Material Removal Simulation ( MRS ) V20 Dedicated License .