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FTP DueZero Service

In the event that becomes necessary to move a volume greater than 5 MB of data, it is good practice to use the FTP service made ​​available by DueZero, 24 hours on 24 for its customers and partners. To access this service you must request the activation of the same to our technical support service, by sending an e-mail to support@duezero.com. We will send you the configuration file to the FTP client Filezilla that can be downloaded directly from this web page. After loading the configuration sent, you can access your private FTP area in our company's server. The FTP service is free for all DueZero customers and partners.

Rules governing the service

DueZero ensures the privacy of data downloaded from our FTP server and the absence of virus. By joining the service, the customer agrees to the terms of use imposed by DueZero and undertakes not to disclose the data to FTP configuration provided, not to upload to the server DueZero, data unrelated to the purpose of the work, or which may violate the current laws on the protection of the software, the privacy policy or public morals. Any violation in this regard will result in the deletion of data and the immediate closure of the service, unquestionable, by DueZero.

Download - Installation - Setup - Login

A - Download FTP Client Software

Clicking on the image right there, starts to download the application Filezilla Client. The application is open source for windows 32 and 64 bit systems. Once you have finished downloading the application you must install it (using a PC with an Internet connection), by double-clicking on the executable file you just downloaded, and agree the standard settings proposals.

B - Configuration file installation

After the installation, you must import the configuration file received from the DueZero technical support service. If you do not have the configuration file please contact the technical support. To install the configuration file, from the main menu, press FILE, then IMPORT. Select the configuration file and then press OK.

C - FTP Area Restricted Access operations and exchange files

Pressing the Management sites icon, the first at the top left, select DueZero. When the connection is active, onthe left side of the application you can see the folders of your computer and the FTP folders on the right side of your reserved area in our server. With the active connection, you can transfer files and directories from one side to the other (download / upload) with a simple drag of the mouse.


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