"Hands on" Training

The integrated training with exercise

The training process on distributed software applications from DueZero, provides a first theoretical step, supported by practical exercises, which allow the end user to quickly learn and use a soft approach of application resources, with the possibility of immediate confirmation of the progress achieved paret by the user.
This technique, with the use of "case study" showed that the time needed to start producing concrete results, returning in the company, is significantly reduced compared to a method of teaching purely theoretical.
During the training courses, which can be held at our facility or at the customer's premises, the participants have at their disposal a workstation equipped and configured with all the software necessary for the development of the training. The number of participants admitted to the courses, based on our experience, was limited to 4-6 people, as they represent the best compromise to allow each participant the attention of the trainer.

Icam Cam-Post Training Plan

IC-TRN-CPB Basic Training for Cam-Post Developer

This course of 4 days provides techniques to develop all the functionality of a post-processor NC quickly and efficiently. With the help of appropriate documentation, participants have the opportunity to create, test and debug individually post-processors inside the class.
- Day 1: Introduction to the structure and forms of creation, compilation and debugging of a Post-Processor.
- Day 2: Deepening the techniques of creation of the Post-Processors in CAM-POST. Macro Language introduction. Exercises and examples.
- Day 3: Deepening the Macro Language and customization of the Post-Processors. Exercises.
- Day 4: Creating Custom Post-Processor. Creating and testing a Post-Processor for a customer machine tool.
Pre-requisite: None

IC-TRN-CPA Advanced Training for Cam-Post Developer

This course of 3 days is divided into two modules: The course for advanced programming macros, and the course for advanced configuration of machine tools.
- Day 1: Rapid Macro Development. PPFUN Commands. Look Ahead techniques. User Defined Macro.
- Day 2: Rapid Macro Development I/O TAPERD, TAPEWT, Tape Macro, Editor, System Variables and Functions. Subprograms and advanced debug.
- Day 3: Advanced Machine Tool Configuration: Multiaxes, Removable Heads, Turn-Mill, Flame-Laser, Wedm, Punch Press, Composites PP.
Pre-requisite: Attendance to Cam-Post Developer Basic Training

Icam Control Emulator Training Plan

IC-TRN-CE Formazione per Control-Emulator Developer

This course of 2 days teaches how to use all the Control Emulator features, necessary to fully describe the CNC language and drive Virtual Machine or Delmia environment.
- Day 1: Control Emulator introduction. Creation-Compilation and Debug of Control Emulator object. Control Emulator Customization.
- Day 2: Specific Control Emulator Macro language features. Data flow. Pre-Processor - Subprograms and CNC Variables.
Pre-requisite: Attendance to Cam-Post Developer Basic Training

Icam Virtual Machine Training Plan

IC-TRN-VMR Training for Virtual Machine Run-Time

This course of 2 days is designed to allow Virtual Machine users to an usage of the techniques of simulation-emulation and the use of extractors for CAM systems. The course is dedicated to the end users of the applications.
- Day 1: Overview of Environmental Simulation-Emulation. Definition of simulation elements. Configuring virtual environment.
- Day 2: Importing items from CAM systems. Extractors. Tutorials with customers cases.
Pre-requisite: None

IC-TRN-VMD Training for Virtual Machine Developer

This course of 2 days teaches the techniques of creating the Machine Tool in Virtual Machine, and customize it through Macro Advanced.
- Day 1: Definition and import of the geometric elements and kinematic. Assembly techniques and management of the Machine Tool collisions.
- Day 2: Using the Macro Language in Virtual Machine. Management Multi-Channel Advanced Macro and applications.
Pre-requisite: Attendance to Cam-Post Developer Basic Training or Control Emulator Developer and Virtual Machine Run-Time Training

Spectrum Multi-DNC Training Plan

SP-TRN-MDC Training for Multi-DNC Connection

This course of 1 day teaches to the Multi-DNC users how to use the software at the CNC side and at the PC side. The course is for system administrators and CNC operators and is usually held at the client.
- Day 1: Load-Unload Techniques from CNC. Special Events management. Basic Configuration of CNC Connection. System Maintenance
Pre-requisite: None

SP-TRN-MDM Training for Multi-DNC Monitoring

This course of 1 day teaches to Multi-DNC Monitoring users hoe to use the report software at the WEB side.
- Day 1: Report Panoramic - Configuration and use of Web Report - Results use.
Pre-requisite: None

Location - Staying - Terms and Conditions

Montegrotto Terme

We invite our customers attending courses at our office to stay at the numerous hotels of Montergrotto Terme, combining the convenience of arriving at our office by foot, the pleasure of relaxing after the training in one of the many thermal pools, always available at hotels in the area. Here on the right side there are the links of the hotel closest to our Office.
Accommodation and meals are not included in the reservation of the courses.


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